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Okay, I know that I am just a fan, like most of you all. I’m nothing special; why should any of you help a random fangirl that you don’t even know?

It’s not like I am underprivileged, or like I’m suffering from anything besides depression. It’s not like I deserve anyone’s help…but I’m hoping that for once, I get the help that I provide to others.

The thing is: I’m turning 17 next week. In the past, no one has EVER done anything for me for my birthday. Just a handful of people wished me a happy birthday, but no one really did anything special for me. Whenever a friend of mine’s birthday comes around, I do something huge for them.

I make them videos and birthday letters. I make them cards the size of posters. I even got one of my friend’s favorite celebrities to wish her a happy eighteenth birthday. 

This year, I’m hoping that something huge will happen. I’m hoping that the man who SAVED MY LIFE will finally acknowledge my existence. I’m hoping that the man who saved my life will realize how much he means to me, and to millions of other fans around the world.

So I was wondering if you could do something huge for me? I was wondering if you could give me a chance, and help me make a miracle happen. I was wondering if you could help my dreams come true. 

My birthday is January 28th and Harry’s is February 1st. I was wondering if you all could help me get him/his family to see this. I know it’s a one in nineteen million chance, and that all odds are against me, but it’s about time I challenge myself and begin to chase my dreams. 

If you could watch this & give me feedback, spread the word, tweet about it, etc, it would mean everything to me. EVERYTHING. In any way I can, I’ll try to return a favor, no matter what it is. I’m willing to help anyone who helps. 

Please, please, please, please, please help me. It’d be the best gift ever. 

——happilystrong && @briannamaria95

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